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Sunflower Gold and Black Lava Necklace, gold gilded Jewelry, 23-Karat Gold Leaf on lava stone, Necklace, wearable art, gilded, lava stone, Jan Maitland
Sunflower Gold and Black Lava Necklace

23-Karat Gold Leaf on Lava Stone, Czech Glass
Gilded Lava Stone Jewelry
21" - (53.34cm)

Sunflower Gold and Black Lava Necklace
For That Special Night

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, and this design is inspired by the essence of that sun-lit flora. Look radiant in this hand-gilded gold on lava stone that is light and luxurious to wear. I use precious 23-Karat gold leaf gilding on each stone accompanied with Czech beads,14K gold-filled toggle clasp and my artist signature tag.

The necklace measures 21" (53.34cm)

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