Jan Maitland - Verre Eglomisé - Reverse Painting and Gilding On Glass and Stone

Accomplished pastel artist, Jan Maitland, was drawn toward Reverse Painting and Gilding on glass during a visit to master glass artist Marco Toso Borella, in Murano, Italy. "I was inspired by his work on gilded glass and renderings of Gustav Klimt motifs. I knew immediately that I had to explore this exciting medium."

As an artist and gilder, she employs verre églomisé technique, which is the art of painting and gilding precious metal leaf on the reverse side of the glass. Designs are engraved into the gold or silver leaf and then combined with glass and enamel paints on the back side of her glass bowls, table tops, and decor pieces. Jan is also gilding stone with gold leaf for her unique and elegant jewelry designs.

You are invited to see her gilded glass reverse painted bowls, table tops, goblets, "wall jewelry" (glass paintings), paintings, giclee prints, and gilded volcanic stone jewelry designs.