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"Parrots" Square Glass Bowl with 23 Karat Gold Leaf and Reverse Painted Verre Eglomisé
Verre Eglomisé
9.5" x 4.75"

"Parrots" Hand-gilded, hand-painted glass bowl - Verre Eglomisé

The bowl measures 9.5" X 4.75"

An eye popping, unique, and elegant gift for that special someone with discriminating tastes.
Holidays, special occasions, or just a lovely treat for yourself . . . a bright glow of gold for any room.

My glass art pieces are all one-of-a-kind. Each is individually hand painted and gilded with 23-Karat gold leaf or silver leaf. This process is called verre églomisé, a term for cold painting and gilding on the back of glass.

All my glass vessels are usable art pieces. I recommend only a gentle wash by hand.

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