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Baby Blue Chalcedony and white gold bracelet, blue chalcedony, sterling silver, gold bracelet, blue stone, gilded jewelry, janmaitland.com
Baby Blue Chalcedony and White Gold Bracelet

White Gold Leaf over Lava Stone
Gilded Jewelry
8" (20.32cm)

Baby Blue Chalcedony and White Gold Bracelet

Chalcedony and White Gold Leaf on Lava with Sterling Silver

My "Baby Blue" bracelet is hand-gilded volcanic lava stone with white gold leaf, chalcedony, sterling silver saucer beads, sterling silver toggle clasp along with my signature tag. It is light and comfortable to wear.

The bracelet measures 8" (20.32cm)

Ready to Ship in a Lovely Gift Box and Bow. . .

My wearable art designs are all one-of-a-kind. Each jewelry piece has hand-gilded stone or glass using either 23-Karat gold, white gold or silver leaf. These unique hand gilded stones or glass beads are accompanied by precious gems, semi-precious gems, gold and sterling silver.

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