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You never know when inspiration will hit you, but I want to tell you about the magical happening that stimulated me to paint “Diamonds in the Sky”.
My husband Rob and I were up on Mary’s Peak in early April just as the sun was starting to set. (For those out-of-staters, Mary’s Peak is part of Oregon’s coastal mountain range standing at 4,098 feet). That day, the sky had many layers of clouds with colors of peach and blue along with the afternoon’s golden sun. I remember commenting to Rob how all the bands of color complimented the layers of peaks and valleys that one could see from “Mary’s” altitude for miles and miles. It was a marvelous sight, highlighted by an unusual band of sparkles all across the western horizon. From what I have heard, we were witnessing something very rarely seen from Mary’s Peak. It was the sun reflecting off of the Pacific Ocean, and in such a way that it gave the optical illusion of the ocean appearing higher than the horizon. No, it wasn’t Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but Diamonds in the Sky!

“Diamonds in the Sky”
Original Oil on Canvas
47” X 33”

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"Diamonds in the Sky"