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Jan's Gems - August, 2017
Jan's Gems - August, 2017

Jan’s Gems – August

Unity Bracelets

My husband officiated a wedding in which one of the exciting features was the couple’s engagement and proposal while they were traveling together in Cambodia.
The bride and groom chose to incorporate the East Asian red thread ritual into their ceremony. On their wedding day, the grandparents from each family placed red thread bracelets around the bride and groom’s wrist as a symbol of support, giving their blessing to the newly married couple. In many traditions, this can be done by family and friends throughout the special day, but this bride and groom wished to honor their grandparents.
To simplify the actual tying of thread, I made two red thread bracelets in the Japanese art of braiding called Kumihimo. The clasps were magnetized for ease of placing them on their wrists in the ceremony. For these bracelets, I used French cotton pearl thread along with silver metallic thread for a simple decorative element. This Kumihimo braid uses 8 cords for this particular round weave.